Gramayre Yarragay

7/8 Friesian Filly

Foaled   22/12/2015

Yarragay - April 24th 2017

Yarragay front

Yarragay front

Yarragay on Left

Yakirra on Right

Wow, what a beautiful filly, she is exquisite.

Yarragay is sweet, friendly, gentle, and


She is playful and loves people.

Yarragay will mature to around 15.3hh, she will

make a wonderful riding  and show horse, with

the benefit of excellent bloodlines to breed in

the future.

Yarragay's full sister is winning in the show

ring in W.A. 



Gramayre  Saor

Friesian Foalbook Stallion


Gramayre Shep

3/4 Friesian 1/4 T'bred Mare

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